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3 Water Damage Prevention Tips That Can Secure Your Home for Decades

There is no doubt at all that water damage is one of the most devastating home setbacks. It can easily weaken a home’s foundation or take a toll on your health as well as that of your loved ones. It therefore makes sense to take into account effective prevention tips that can protect you from the dangers and effects of water damage. Read on to find out more about these tips.

Fix your downspouts

It is easy to underestimate the value of downspouts until you find out how they can bring about chronic water damage issues. First off, your downspouts should not have breaks and leaks. Then they should be able to direct water 4 to 10 feet away from your foundation. That way, you can prevent both stains and cracks. Remember damp wood caused by water damage invited ants and carpenter ants. It may also attract disease causing rodents.

Fix your plumbing systems

Most homeowners ignore and write off minor leaks. This often seems harmless at first but with time, it often proves disastrous. With that in mind, do not ignore a leaking pipe, a flooding sink or a faulty faucet. You may be forced to deal with mold infestation and water damage issues at the same time both of which can force you to spend a lot. Simply fix the problems on time.

Hire the right personnel

This should be easy for homeowners. With the proliferating number of plumbers around, handpicking one that can text your system for flaws and fix them should be a piece of cake. You only need to ask for experience and qualification papers.

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